!ArchersUSA Genesis X Hunting Bow Kit (Schools/clubs, call for pricing)

Regular price $399.99

Kit Includes One:

  • Custom I.S.C. Bow Sight
  • Custom I.S.C. Arrow Rest
  • Custom I.S.C. Release
    • No tools needed an adjustable release.  It has 5 body settings and 10 wrist strap settings to accommodate most archers.  It can also be changed from right to left-handed with one screw.
  • Custom I.S.C. Stabilizer
  • Custom I.S.C. Poundage Gauge Kit
    • Right and left poundage gauge inserts.
  • Genesis X Hunting Bow 
    • Universal draw length from 21-30 inches.  Adjustable draw weight from up to 40 lbs. Includes a multi-hole peep with alignment tube, and D-loop attached. 

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Bow Specs:

With a draw weight of up to 40 lbs, this bow meets the requirements for whitetail hunting in most states—a versatile bow with the ability to install many accessories or to shoot instinctively.

Up to 65% let-off for easier holding as you dial in on your shot. This cam also performs “snap-shooting” exceptionally well, making it a great candidate for various forms of instinctive shooting, like bow-fishing!

Draw stop
Higher poundage

Axle-to-Axle Length 35 1/2″
Brace Height  7 5/8″
Adjustable Draw Weight  25-40 lbs
Draw Length Range  21-30 inches
Mass Weight  3.4 lbs