The R3 Initiative is a program put on by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Its purpose is to help steward American's natural resources.  The stewardship is all about conservation. One way to achieve this type of stewardship is by implementing a program that promotes sportsmanship and recreation.


At Archers USA, we live and breathe all things archery. Our goal is to make any new archers successful in their first experience with archery and to reduce less successful instinctive shooting process. Our goal is to make our reach to anyone, regardless of ability, to make them a successful archer!


We're aware of the difficulty that comes with learning to shoot a bow. It takes patience, practice and a driving spirit. We're also aware that in order to retain archers, there has to be some sort of immediate satisfaction, otherwise the new archer could get bored and never pick up a bow up again. We're not willing to lose even one! By implementing the ISC System, we've been successful in helping a new archer hit the bullseye with their first training, retaining them for life!


Some archers have started down the right track of archery but have left the sport due to being unsuccessful or finding a new activity they enjoy more due to their success in it. By reaching out to State and Game agencies, we're able to participate in programs to reinstate lapsed recreationists get back into the sport of archery!

 Mentored Hunts

Currently, Archers USA has implemented a pilot program with North Dakota. We've reached out to 11 schools and have equipped them with the ISC System. By the end of the school year, they will have learned how to shoot a bow, received their state hunters ed card, and be able to go on a mentored hunt.  We're excited about this new program and we look forward to seeing the trophies that come from it!