Archers USA ULTIMATE STARTER KIT - 10 Gen Pro Bows

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The Ultimate Bow Kit Set is equipped with 10 Genesis Pro Bows, fully decked out with sight, release, arrow rest, stabilizer, poundage gauge, custom peep sight, and D-Loop. Also, we've added 4 Training tools, a hand gauge, and membership cards. With this kit, you will have everything you need to get archers trained and ready to shoot like the pros!

Genesis Pro Bows
I.S.C. Custom Sight
I.S.C. Custom Release
I.S.C. Custom Arrow Rest
I.S.C. Custom Stabilizer
I.S.C. Custom Poundage Gauge Kit
I.S.C. Custom Peep Sight & Dloop Kit
I.S.C. Training Tools
I.S.C. Hand Gauge
I.S.C. Membership Cards (250 qty)