The Family Bow

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Kit Includes One:

  • Custom I.S.C. Bow Sight
  • Custom I.S.C. Arrow Rest
  • Custom I.S.C. Release
    • No tools needed an adjustable release.  It has 5 body settings and 10 wrist strap settings to accommodate most archers.  It can also be changed from right to left-handed with one screw.
  • Custom I.S.C. Stabilizer
  • Custom I.S.C. Poundage Gauge Kit
    • Right and left poundage gauge inserts.
  • Genesis X Hunting Bow 
    • Universal draw length from 21-30 inches.  Adjustable draw weight from up to 40 lbs. Includes a multi-hole peep with alignment tube, and D-loop attached. 
  • Hip Quiver
  • 4 Easton Arrows

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Bow Specs:

Like the Genesis Original, the Genesis X will fit virtually everyone, thanks to its zero let-off cam.

Draw stop
Higher poundage

Axle-to-Axle Length 35″
Brace Height  7 5/8″
Adjustable Draw Weight  25-40 lbs
Draw Length Range  21-30 inches
Mass Weight  3.4 lbs