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Church partnerships are like a match made in heaven!  Men’s Ministries, Women’s Ministries, Children’s Ministries, and Family Ministry can benefit from implementing archery into their events. Grow your recreation events by offering archery contests and wild game banquets. Offer a teen hunt while building your Men and Women’s minstries.  Becoming an ARCHERSusa partner allows the church to give back to the community by building solid realationships between families and their community.  Contact us to become a church partner!


NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) has grown esponentially since it’s first conception. The desire to become an archer couldn’t be clearer!  Most of the kids that are involved in NASP would like to move on to more advanced archery.  Starting an after-school program for kids transitioning from NASP to IBO is a great way to keep kids active and in the outdoors! The ISC program provides the equipment you need to keep kids pursuing archery.  It also takes the guess-work out of archery and makes instructing fun! Contact us to become a school partner!

Private Entity

Outdoor enthiususts have a vested interest in archery.  They want to perserve a heritage and a legacy handed down through generations.  As a private entity, you have the opportunity to give back to your community.  With your partnership, we are able to assist clubs, non-profit organizations, schools and churches with getting the proper archery equipment.  We are also able to invest more time and resources to archery and further perserve it. Contact us to become a private entity partner!


Not everyone has the time to volunteer to start a club or organize a teen archery shoot. That is where you come in.  Sponosorship allows you to be able to be involved without actually having to attend.  We match up your sponsorship with area clubs and orgainizations who do not have the funding.  It’s rewarding and feels good to know you are giving back to the community and preserving a way of life! Contact us for sponsorship opportunites!



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