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Missouri Uses Hunter Statistics to Strengthen R3 Efforts

Missouri Uses Hunter Statistics to Strengthen R3 Efforts

By actively mining existing licensing and participation data, states can better inform and tailor recruitment, retention
and reactivation plans for prospective hunters. Photo Credit: John Hafner

What if hunters revealed what it took to keep them engaged? What if you listened and changed the way you approached recruiting new participants? Could such efforts increase the number of hunters in your state, and result in an increase in annual revenue for your archery business?

Good news: They do, and you can. All it takes is a little analysis and strategic planning.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is analyzing its extensive hunter statistical datasets to create a more strategic recruitment, retention and reactivation plan for boosting hunting participation statewide.

Lonnie Hansen, a retired resource scientist with the MDC, is analyzing multiple datasets to identify trends in license-buying habits and harvest records, as well as hunter behavior and demographics. His work will help guide industry and agency marketing efforts.

“There isn’t enough information to determine where our state’s money should be spent when discussing R3 efforts,” Hansen said. “My objective is to evaluate characteristics of people with different permit-buying habits to gain insights into where our efforts to recruit and retain hunters is best spent.”


Courtesy of ATA.

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